Loans and loans without demonstrable and documentable income

Loan opportunity without demonstrable or documentable income or meaning of financing without demonstrable income document

The topic that we are going to deal with is very particular in that it describes what is called financing without demonstrable or documentable income where with the term ” without demonstrable income ” it should be understood not so much a subject absolutely without work but without some documentation capable of proving it. In essence, the loans without demonstrable income refer to those workers who, for various reasons, have a job in the dark and therefore feed the so-called undeclared income and therefore without tax return. See which are the latter on loans without demonstrable income or without tax return.

From this meaning some questions arise: is financing without demonstrable income possible? Consequently, what loans can be granted to those who are without demonstrable income? We begin to exclude a first type of financing: the mortgage. The current financial system provides loans to those who are unable to prove revenue, even if precarious. The only way is that of third party guarantees: without guarantor or without guarantee of others, those who have incomes that cannot demonstrate cannot take out a mortgage.

Loans with no or no demonstrable income

Loans with no or no demonstrable income

Let’s move on to other loans with no or no demonstrable income, that is, loans. Even in this case, what opportunity does the credit system reserve for an undocumented loan ? Before describing some opportunities, we must dwell on the aspect of the proof of income: why not demonstrable? Well, it’s obvious! Because there is no form of certification or tax return that demonstrates recurring and / or constant income. But then, given that the applicant has income but cannot prove it, where does this money go? Sorry for the question, but it is instrumental to a fact: the bank account.

Yes, because one of the essential conditions is the presence of a current account in the name of the applicant. In fact, without a checking account it is difficult for a bank, regardless of income, to make a loan. Being without a current account means being without financial history or a perfect stranger towards banks and financial companies. Now the opportunities of loans without demonstrable income online.

One of the first loan opportunities without demonstrable income is offered by some small local banks to their customers who, although they cannot demonstrate the official status of the income immortalized in a 740 and / or paycheck, have a periodically fed current account. In most cases, however, it remains almost always in the sector of the small loan without demonstrable income which is channeled for consumer purposes especially if this is disbursed by financial companies by means of the issue of revolving paper. So far we are in the context of disbursements made by private credit institutions.

While another form of loan without an income situation, in which there is a mixed participation of public and private, is present in microcredit in Italy in which the requirement of demonstrable income ceases to exist for humanitarian reasons. However, this sort of loan without income is tout court: any form of income must actually be missing and the disbursement must be justified by primary social reasons.

Demonstrable income-free loan

Demonstrable income-free loan

The true meaning of demonstrable income-free loan is expressed in the state: in this, we find a myriad of loans granted precisely to subjects without income and work, indeed this status is one or the essential condition for accessing finance. The mother of all loans without demonstrable income is the loan of honor which is addressed precisely to those who have no form of income, guarantees or current account etc. Of course it is a loan that has a noble purpose: to give birth to a job of one’s own. Ditto for the so-called loans for female entrepreneurship which compared to the former concern only the difference in sex between the applicants. The opportunities established in favor of a loan without demonstrable income or work are many, so for convenience we have summarized them at subsidized loans. Finally, to complete the topic, we indicate the student loans without paycheck which are the natural recipients of loans without income or online work par excellence.

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