Loans and loans to protesters with VAT number

Loans and loans for vat protests

Loans and loans for vat protests

We are about to face the problematic issue of loans to protestors with VAT number where we will examine the various forms of credit and financing to the protestant or that which, in concert, the law and the market offer to the so-called protested, that is, the one who has protests underway in order to be able to determine whether it is possible to give credit or make loans to protesters and to what extent. In summary, the protested legal status is a logical consequence of the protest. The latter is a procedure initiated due to a credit title not honored on expiry or upon presentation: it can be a bank check or bills of exchange, that is to say essentially they are unpaid checks and bills. For checks, even before the protest, registration to the CAI is foreseen (see loans for reported or registered with the CAI).

From the moment of the protest, the insolvent debtors become protested and this qualification produces a sanctioning effect: being inserted for 5 years in a particular list of protestants called the computerized register of protests and kept at the chambers of commerce but accessible by anyone online. The protest can be canceled even before the age of five but only upon request of rehabilitation of the protest which consists in paying the debt, expenses included.

What forms of credit if you protest?

What forms of credit if you protest?

What does protested funding mean? Or again, are loans also possible to protestors and under what conditions? Before answering the aforementioned questions, we must say that the protested as a consequence of the high protests are attributed to them the “quality” of bad pay which further affects the credit that can be granted. For this reason, loans with ongoing protests are also indicated as loans to protestors and bad payers where the latter phrase also indicates their inclusion in the lists in addition to that of the protests (see loans for protestors and bad payers) and, if the problem concerns checks, also in the cai one. However, at present, even those who have suffered a protest have available credit channels, precisely two, in addition to other solutions that we will indicate is followed.

We said that now even the protested can obtain funding but only through 2 channels: 1) the transfer of the fifth which includes the delegation of payment to reach higher figures; 2) loans changed. The difference between the two types of credit rests in the type of job of the applicant. The assignment concerns those who have a paycheck or are retired and in these cases the request is indicated as personal loans to protested employees or pensioners, who, regardless of the pretext, can transfer to the bank or financial up to 40% (in case of delegation ) of your income and / or pension.

The security that the installment will be retained by the employer and by this transfer to the lender overcomes the problem of loans protested online. The second form of financing, which is more peculiar, refers instead to the self-employed and in this case they are indicated as loans to protestors with VAT number also known as loans to protestants without paycheck or without assignment. Among the most important loans that a VAT holder can invoke, there is certainly the loan with promissory notes or loan promoted to protested which can be conveyed through some financial for loans promoted 2019 or with a list of banks that make loans promoted

Another form of financing granted to those who have a VAT number, are credit cards for protesters which, unlike the other financing systems that are established institutionally, that of the credit card is at the total discretion of the banks and financial companies that issue them (see credit cards without checking account).

We also mention the mortgages for vat protests which, likewise, will be possible only for those who have secure income both to buy the house and for a mortgage liquidity, but in the latter case the property must first of all guarantee the debts that they generated the protest in such a way that the remaining value sufficiently covers the mortgage for the protested lit only to have the cash, perhaps with which to cancel the protest. For the rest, the general principles also apply to protestants: to be a multi-protester but to get credit everywhere if you are certain, the guarantee of a third person’s signature with a clean financial past.

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